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The Mozart Complex

I heard that Mozart was a child prodigy, and I thought that at age 3 he just sat down, played the harpsicord perfectly, and composed his first concerto. Believing that’s what it meant to have talent, I concluded if I couldn’t do something well, right away, it meant I had no talent in that area. Somehow, I never learned…

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Life Has Many Chapters, and I’m starting a New One!

"Nan, I admire how you keep reinventing your life." Many years ago, a friend said that to me. I remember I felt shocked and couldn't really take it in as a positive thing at the time. I had already gone through a few different careers and they all ended for one reason...

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O Star!

Stars are a thing with me. Sometimes, when I’m feeling scattered and tired, I step out my back door at night to look at the sky. I live in a very built up suburban area and the night is never really dark. Still, unless there’s total cloud cover, I can see the stars....

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How Are You Doing?

Portrait of Nan Lewis, the person behind Many Chapters, wearing a turqoise blouse and silver necklace and bracelet.

Change is hard.  I know. I’ve been there and done that.  You don’t have to go through this alone.

If you are facing a big career change, planned or unplanned, and are feeling stressed and alone – – I can help.


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