“Nan, I admire how you keep reinventing your life.”

Many years ago, a friend said that to me.

I remember I felt shocked and couldn’t really take it in as a positive thing at the time. I had already gone through a few different careers and they all ended for one reason or another. And each time I wound up feeling like a complete failure. And there I was, about to start again, telling her my plans to go to jewelry school and become a jeweler…that I had finally found IT!! The ONE THING I was MEANT TO BE in my life!

Even though I was excited about my decision to pursue this new career, I worried. Would I be able to stick with it this time or would it be just another wrong turn? I questioned myself – – “Why are you doing this? You don’t make things! You’re not an artist!”

But I had taken a little community school class for fun and to find a way to use all the beads I inherited from my Mom. And I LOVED it!! I learned to make pretty necklaces and earrings from wire and beads…and it was SO relaxing to do! And it made me feel so good to wear the things I created.

When I was laid-off from the company where I worked for 10 years, the company I had loved and planned to retire from, I was kind of devastated. The truth was, although I did once love working there, the company changed drastically when it was acquired by a bigger company. By the time of my lay-off, it was no fun being there anymore and I was bone-tired of databases and the cutthroat corporate world.

I decided it was time to do my own thing and jewelry was perfect.  I loved making it and I loved beautiful gemstones! I would go to jewelry school, become a jeweler, and that was going to be IT!!

WELL…fast forward about 15 years…and here we are. I’m telling you I am leaving jewelry and reinventing myself yet again!

At one time I would have seen this as proof that I’m a total failure and that I would NEVER figure out what I was meant to do with my life! It would have led me to despair.

But Wait! There’s More!  (yeah…I had to say it)  There’s a big twist to this story…and I’m excited to tell you about it!  I’ve learned some big, life-changing lessons that led me to this point and I want to share them with you.

HINT: Every good story has many chapters, right?

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