Hi - - I'm Nan Meyer Lewis. I created this site to help people design their next chapter in life by sharing my knowledge, experience, encouragement, and resources.
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Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

  • Your life has been turned upside down by some unforeseen circumstance – like this crazy Coronavirus mess we’re in right now;
  • Your job, career or business isn’t going as you hoped and you’re not happy;
  • Your company is downsizing and you’re panicking a little;
  • You’re close to or in retirement and wondering what to do with your time;
  • You’re feeling kinda lost – – like you’re wasting time and life is passing you by;
  • You are in the midst of a big life change and are feeling alone, worried, or discouraged.

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I’ve shared info and experiences that have helped me through my career life transitions in the hopes they will be helpful to you, too.

If Any of That Sounds Like You

I encourage you to read the blog articles and check out the resources page.

I update resources whenever I find them…so check back often. If you’re looking for something in particular, let me know. I’m good at finding stuff!  smile   

How Can I Help?

I’m a great listener & encourager. Read the articles and check out the resources. You can find me on Facebook if you want to talk about this stuff!

The Power of Habits and Routines

The Power of Habits and Routines The last couple of posts have been about setting & pursuing goals. Now I want to talk about the power of habits and routines, and how we can use them to help us meet our goals. I have to admit, this is not easy for me, but I've...

You Know What You Want – – But How Do You GET What You Want??

THE SECRET REVISITED In part 1 of this 2-part series, "Are You Feeling Stuck in Life? How Will You Feel Next January 1st??!!," I shared a big secret with you about how to set goals for your life and promised this article would be about the process of achieving them. ...

It’s OK to Grieve When You Close a Door

 It's OK to grieve when you close a door. You've heard the expression, "When one door closes, another one opens," right?  It's usually said to help you feel better when an opportunity you wanted doesn't come through. But what about the situation when YOU are the one...