Every Good Story has Many Chapters. Let's Discover YOUR Next One - - Together!

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Why do I Call Myself a Career Life Reinvention Guide??

Because I don’t tell you what to do.

As your guide, I provide information and companionship as you figure out what you want to do in the next chapter of your life.

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

  • Your job, career or business isn’t going as you hoped and you’re not happy;
  • Your company is downsizing and you’re panicking a little;
  • You’re close to or in retirement and wondering what to do with your time;
  • You’re feeling kinda lost – – like you’re wasting time and life is passing you by;
  • You are in the midst of a big life change and are feeling alone, worried, or discouraged.

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I’ll be sharing info and experiences that have helped me through my career life transitions in the hopes they will be helpful to you, too.

If Any of That Sounds Like You

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How Can I Help?

  • Provide Guidance
  • Share Useful Resources
  • Listen with Empathy
  • Provide Community
  • Inspire & Encourage

You Know What You Want – – But How Do You GET What You Want??

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Are You Feeling Stuck in Life? How Will You Feel Next January 1st ??!!

Did you know July 2nd was the mid-point of the year? Many people like to do mid-year assessments in July - - you know... see what progress you've made toward goals you set for yourself last January - - and make adjustments to correct course for the rest of the year....

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